International Baccalaureate
IB Career-related Program (IBCP)

​CMS Schools offering the Career-related Program:

East Mecklenburg High School (candidate)

The IB Career-related Program (CP) is offered in grades 11 and 12 at authorized schools.  The CP has the following course requirements:
  • At least two (2) Diploma Program courses (see the IB Diploma Program page for more information)
    • Courses may support or complement career choices
    • Courses will take place over one or two years, with a comprehensive exam at the end of the course
    • Exam scores may lead to college credit and/or placement
  • Four (4) courses in a specific career field over two years
    • Career fields vary by school 
    • Can begin at entry level or at advanced levels
    • Courses can include school-based courses or courses through CPCC
  • One (1) Personal and Professional Skills course, offered over both years
  • At least one (1) course in language acquisition
CP students are also required to complete:
  • at least 50 hours of service learning, at least some of which should be related to the career field, and
  • a Reflective Project focused on ethical considerations in the career field.
At the heart of every IB program is the Learner Profile, a list of ten attributes which describes IB learners.  According to the Learner Profile, an IB learner is knowledgeable, a thinker, a communicator, reflective, a risk-taker, principled, open-minded, caring, an inquirer, and balanced.

The Career-related Program is illustrated in the diagram below:

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