What type of services does your gifted program provide?
We offer the Catalyst Model in every elementary school, Gifted Magnets in six elementary schools, and HORIZONS for our highly gifted population.

Which schools have a gifted program?
The catalyst model is offered in every elementary school.

How can my child be placed in the gifted program?
We require aptitude scores (IQ) and achievement scores within the past 24 months. Students qualify with a combined 93 percentile+ average on their aptitude and achievement scores. We also use the local Gifted Rating Scales in second grade.

How do I go about getting the testing done?
Contact the TD Catalyst teacher in your school for a possible referral. If your child is not currently enrolled in CMS you will need to seek private testing or have the scores sent from your previous school.

How can I have my child placed in the HORIZONS Program?

  • Students who are strong candidates for/or one who has skipped whole grades
  • Students who are working two to three grade levels above grade level
  • Students who have a full scale IQ on the Stanford Binet-V of 145 (+/-5) and a 98% or above in both reading and math on the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-II
  • Contact the Talent Development office for more information at 980-343-6955

Where is the HORIZONS program offered?
Barringer Academic Center (K-5) Randolph Middle School (6-8) and at various high schools that previously identified Horizons students attend.