TD Catalyst Program

What is the TD Catalyst Program?
The Catalyst Program for gifted services is based on consultation and collaboration between the talent development and classroom teachers. They work together to meet the needs of the high achieving student.

Why don't you pull students out to work with the TD teacher as they did when I was in school?
Gifted Students are gifted all the time, not just 90 minutes a week. In the Catalyst model, the classroom TD teachers plan and work together to increase students' opportunities for higher level instruction throughout the school day.

Will my child work with the TD teacher?
Students work with the TD teacher, but not on a set schedule. The classroom and TD teachers decide together how instruction is delivered. Sometimes the TD teacher works in the child's classroom or provides the classroom teacher with work for the higher achieving students, at other times the TD teacher can pull out students to work with them directly.

What is the gifted curriculum?
The Common Core and Essential State Standards are the basic curriculum used in every elementary school. The TD teacher helps the classroom teacher differentiate the basic curriculum by providing more in-depth, complex and/or accelerated activities for students working at a higher level.

Does TD use any special curriculum materials?
William and Mary Language Arts Units are used with high ability readers. This nationally recognized language arts program was developed by the Center for Gifted Education at the College of William and Mary.

Program Benefits

  • Gifted education and general education are related, connected and integrated.
  • Out of class sessions are scheduled when needed most.
  • The pace of learning is enhanced.
  • High achieving students receive more challenging tasks within the classroom.
  • Classroom and TD teacher work together to maximize student learning.

Did you Know?

  • Research on the Catalyst Program indicates that students receive at least three times the amount of services using this model compared to the old pullout, once a week program.
  • The Catalyst model is most effective when high achieving students are flexibly grouped together based on their instructional needs.
  • Every school has a Talent Development teacher.
  • The TD teacher at your child's school can tell you how they work with your child and your child's teacher.

Questions? Please contact Lisa LaRotonda at or (980) 343-6165.