Career and Technical Education

Internships are a powerful form of work based learning involving structured and meaningful work experiences with responsibility and accountability.  Internships should challenge students to apply and build on their academic, technical and employability skills.  Internships can be paid or unpaid. 

CMS students who are interested in exploring internships should fill the online application below. 

Please contact your school's Career Development Coordinator (CDC) for additional information on other work-based learning opportunities.





CTE is committed to providing work-ready students the opportunity to apply their skills. An internship provides work-based learning opportunities for high school students to have hands-on experiences in areas of academic or career interests prior to college or post-secondary training.  In addition, an internship helps students obtain a more realistic view of a career area, make better decisions concerning post-secondary education, gain experience and develop contacts that may help them when applying for college programs or scholarships.  



Receiving Academic Credit

Students participating in an internship will earn 1 CTE internship unit  of credit.  In order to receive internship credit, a student must complete a total of 135 internship hoursStudents are able to complete additional internships before they graduate; but only one CTE internship unit may be counted as a general elective credit toward graduation.  The grade and credit becomes part of the student’s permanent high school transcript, but does not affect GPA or class rank.



The internship schedule is determined by the business sponsor and student.  All participants are required to have reliable transportation to and from the internship site(s). 



Job Readiness Training

Students must complete the job readiness training prior to starting an internship.  Please see your Career Development Coordinator (CDC) for more information.



Internship Application Procedure and Eligibility

To be considered for an internship placement, applications must be received by closing date.  All applicants must:

  • Be a rising Junior or Senior

  • Complete Job Readiness Training

  • Student shows progress in classes

  • Student attends school regularly

  • Student exhibits appropriate behavior




Please submit the following forms to your CDC.    

Student-Parent Agreement.pdf

Intern Recommendation Form.pdf

Students must submit 2 Intern Recommendation Forms


Please contact the Career Development Coordinator (CDC) at your school for internship opportunities and if you have additional questions. 

Internship Application

Click on the link below if you are interested in an internship this school year (2016-2017).  Please follow up with your school's Career Development Coordinator upon application completion. 

Click Here

Thanks you for your interest in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools - CTE Internship.