Driver's Education
2017-2018 Driving Eligibility Certificate Representatives
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Ardrey Kell High School
10220 Ardrey Kell Road
980-343-0860 Fax-0862  
Connie S. Wallace



Phillip O Berry Academy of Technology
1430 Alleghany Street
980-343-5992 Fax-5994  
 Victoria Jones
David W. Butler High School
1810 Matthews-Mint Hill Road
980-343-6300, ext 6621   Fax-6315 
Please call the school
Cato Middle College High School
8120 Grier Road Suite 171-B
980-343-1452 Fax-1453
 Please call the school

Cochrane Collegiate Academy
6200 Starhaven Drive
980-343-6460 Fax-6521                          

Angela Ellington




Turning Point Academy
2300 W. Sugar Creek Road
980-343-5231 Fax-3714

See Home School Contact

See Home School Contact
East Mecklenburg High School
6800 Monroe Road
980-343-6430  Ext. 237 Fax-5227
Beverly Nance
Garinger High School
1100 Eastway Drive
980-343-6450 Fax-6454  
Myra Dorsey
Harding University High School
2001 Alleghany Street
980-343-6007   Fax-6015  
Brittanie Dacus
Stephanie Collins
Hawthorne High School
1411 Hawthorne Lane
Audrey Leeper
Hopewell High School
11530 Beatties Ford Road
980-343-5988   Fax-5990 
Teresa Quan
Jennifer Elliot
W.A. Hough High School
12420 Bailey Road
980-344-0514   Fax-343-2215
Lisa Estrada lisa.estrada
Independence High School
1967 Patriot Drive
980-343-6900   Fax-6907  
Vanessa Howard
Mallard Creek High School
3825 Johnson Oehler Road
980-343-1341   Fax-1342  
Tina Rogers
Morgan School
700 East Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
980-343-5415   Fax-5419  
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Myers Park High School
2400 Colony Road
980-343-5800   Fax-5803 
Brenda Kennion
North Mecklenburg High School
11201 Old Statesville Road
980-343-3840   Fax-3845  
Sheree Maree
Northwest School of the Arts
1415 Beatties Ford Road
980-343-5500   Fax-5593 
Sarah Warren
Pertanza Allen
Olympic Community of Schools
4301 Sandy Porter Road
980-343-3800   Fax-3803 
Tonia Mackey
Performance Learning Center
1400 North Graham Street
980-343-1118   Fax-1117  
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Providence High School
1800 Pineville-Matthews Road
980-343-5390   Fax-3956  
Kathy Boland
Rocky River High School
10505 Clear Creek Commerce Drive
980-344-0409   Fax-343-2139 
Barbara Crawford barbara.crawford
South Mecklenburg High School
8900 Park Road
980-343-3600   Fax-3607  
Katrina Miller
Carla Perez
Vance High School
7600 IBM Drive
980-343-5727   Fax-6757  
Bernadette Blackmar
West Charlotte High School
2219 Senior Drive
980-343-6060   Fax- 6049  
Gloria Lowery
West Mecklenburg High School
7400 Tuckaseegee Road
980-343-6080, ext. 236    Fax-6079

Octavia Carlton