Driver's Education
Emergency Action Plan

We are now operating under Plan A


The following are options for alternative operating procedures of the CMS Driver Education Program. These plans shall be used in cases that require a deviation from normal operations resulting from outside influences including but not limited to: weather, terror threats, natural disasters, etc. 


Plan E

Cease all classes and Behind-the-wheel (BTW) training immediately. Call students’ parents and arrange for pickup at the school, or another designated place for immediate pickup, or communicate that students would be allowed shelter at the school.(This depends on the type of imminent danger.)

Plan D Cease all classes and BTW training at a designated time.  Classes and BTW training will remain cancelled until further notice. Communicate this decision at schools, and to parents of scheduled Classroom and BTW students. 
Plan C Suspend only BTW training until further notice. 
Plan B Regular schedule for classes. Alter BTW training to regulate the distance that vehicles drive. Training would be in a localized area cutting back on the distance that students drive during the mandatory 6-hour training period, until further notice. 
Plan A Regular schedule for classes. Regular schedule for BTW.


All plans should be announced to the public via CMS Public Information. The Driver Education Specialist will communicate with the Superintendent’s office and collaborate with the CMS Police Department for all decisions regarding operations.

In compliance with Federal Law, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Driver Education Department administers all education programs, employment activities and admissions without discrimination against any person on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability.