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Graduation Project
Mentor Information

Graduation Project Mentors are now optional for students. Students who choose to utilize a mentor will receive an incentive on their project and can earn up to two additional points on the project score total.

Are you interested in becoming a mentor for the NC Graduation Project? There are many things you should know about being a mentor and the requirements.

The responsibilities of the mentor are to supervise and advise the student through all four phases of the Graduation Project – the research paper, product, portfolio, and presentation before a review panel.  As the student completes the minimum 15 hours towards development of the product, the mentor sign's off on the student's time towards work or development of the product. Other responsibilities include:

  • Conferencing with the student to discuss progress on the Graduation Project. Consultations can occur by email, telephone or face-to-face. After each conference, the mentor should sign-off on the contact log to indicate the date and result of each conference.
  • Mentors should also supervise and advise the student as he or she works on the physical product.Consult with your mentees frequently, advise them in the various stages of the process, and initial the students’ time and plans on the Product Description sheet. A minimum of 15 hours is required towards development or work on the product.

Ø  Mentors are not required to spend the 15 hours of product creation time with the student.

Ø  Mentors can attend an optional training at the school site. This training is encouraged to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of being a mentor.

Ø  Mentors are not responsible for evaluating the components of the Graduation Project, but may provide feedback to students.

Ø  There is no specific amount of time required to mentor. The arrangement made between the mentee and mentor should be mutually convenient.

Ø  Mentoring is also about teaching students qualities that extend beyond the Graduation Project. Sometimes students merely need someone to listen, or show an interest in what they are doing.

For more information, or to complete a form, click here. You can email your form to cmsgradproject or Fax it to 980-343-5011.