Graduation Project
The Portfolio - Components

Below is a list of items that can be contained in the student portfolio. For the portfolio requirements list, please click here.

  • Title page
  • School information sheet and timeline for NC Graduation Project
  • Progress checklist
  • Resumé
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Letter of intent
  • Student agreement and parent agreement
  • Project information
    • Mentor information and agreement
    • Project proposal (abstract/proposal) and approval
    • Time logs
    • Work samples, pictures, sketches
    • Communications (letters, emails, and thank you notes)
    • Reflection journal
    • Evaluation rubric
  • Evaluated research paper
    • Documentation of editing (drafts and comments)
    • Evaluation rubric
    • Reflection on the paper and process
  • Presentation copy of PowerPoint or other visual aids
    • Letter to the review panel
    • Outline and summary of the presentation
    • Copy of PowerPoint or other visual aids