Graduation Project


CMS students will continue work on the project as a local graduation requirement. High School Juniors and Seniors are responsible for specific graduation project components and this requirment will count as part of the total grade in their English class, a course required for graduation. Click here for the graduation policy approved by the CMS Board of Education April 28, 2009.

The Graduation Project has four parts: a research paper, product, portfolio, and oral presentation before a review board. These four components are designed to be a culmination of the entire high school experience. To complete the Graduation Project, students will apply skills needed to be successful in post-secondary education and careers. The project requires students to demonstrate what they know and what they can do with the skills acquired in high school. (Students will still be required to achieve proficiency on five End-of-Course tests as well in order to graduate.)

The four components:

  • A research paper demonstrating research skills and writing skills, to be completed in the Junior year
  • A Service Learning Experience (SLE)/ product that demonstrates the use of knowledge and skills in a meaningful way to accomplish a goal, to be completed in the Senior year
  • An oral presentation, during which, students become a source of information communicating their project work before a review panel, to be completed in the Senior year
  • A portfolio to catalogue/document tasks, record reflective thinking and insights, as well as demonstrate responsibility for learning as work progresses through the entire process, to be kept throughout the process

In addition to the student requirements, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools is committed to making this experience meaningful and relevant to students by involving the community in mentoring and serving on review boards for the project. If you are interested in serving as a mentor or review board volunteer, please contact Roxanne Friday at cmsgradproject or 980-343-2790.

Prospective volunteers will also need to complete a CMS Volunteer Application.