High School Literacy

To facilitate the transition to high school,  which is often overwhelming, students are scheduled in either Literacy I and/or II, Foundations of English, English I or English I Honors based on eighth grade EOG scores.   The purpose of the interventions (Literacy I and/or II and Foundations of English I) is to provide students with additional academic support before they take English I.   To better prepare all students, the Literacy team  works closely with teachers to design and differentiate lessons with rigor to increase comprehension and critical thinking skills. 

The Literacy team provides on-going professional development through both teacher alliances and department chair meetings.  The professional development is tailored to meet the needs of a school, grade level, and learning community.  In English I, the Literacy team helps teachers prepare students for the End-of-Course exam.  The team also helps English II teachers prepare students for success on the NC Writing test  in the Fundamentals of Writing course designed to provide additional writing instruction and strategies.  The Literacy team also works diligently with teachers as they assist students with the Graduation Project in the English III and IV classes.  Specific training is provided to teachers in AP (Advance Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) courses to ensure that students are prepared for the academic challenges and expectations of the accelerated classes.