Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
High School Science Courses

Course Descriptions

Earth / Environmental Sciences


Earth / Environmental Science, Earth / Environmental Science Honors, ECS Earth / Environmental Science - Earth / Environmental PDF

Fulfills the graduation requirement

This course is laboratory-based science class emphasizing the function of the earth’s system. Emphasis is placed on the human interactions with the Earth’s geologic and environmental systems, predictability of a dynamic Earth, origin and evolution of the Earth system and universe, geochemical cycles and energy in the Earth system.



This course acquaints students with astronomy concepts including basic facts about the Earth, moon, and stars.  Also included for study are galaxies, cosmology, and space exploration.


Oceanography/Marine Science

Emphasizes the interrelationships of physical geography, chemistry, geology and biological studies in the ocean environment.  Oceanography / Marine Science should be taken in the fall, followed with either Chemistry or Physical Science.


Biological Sciences


Biology I, Biology I Honors, IBMYP Biology, AIS Biology I - Biology PDF

This course is laboratory-based science class in which students will study the cell, the molecular basis of heredity, biological evolution, interdependence of organisms, matter and energy, and organization in living systems and the behavior of organisms.


Human Anatomy and Physiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology Honors

This course studies the structure and function of the human body with emphasis placed upon the concepts that help correlate the principals of structure and function.



This course explores the fundamentals of microbiology, including the diversity of microbial life, the central role of microorganisms in nature and the importance of microorganisms in daily life. 


Greenhouse Biology

The overview study of plant structure and function.  In this course, students learn not only the basic scientific knowledge, but also economic importance and how to manage basic plant care and propagation.  Greenhouse Biology should be taken in the fall and followed by Biology I in the spring, because the syllabus and pacing guide have been created to prepare students to be successful in Biology I (a “3” on the EOC is required for graduation). 


Physical Sciences (1 is required for graduation)


Physical Science - Physical Science PDF

This course is laboratory-based science class in which students will study the principals of chemistry and physics that include matter, energy, structure of atoms, chemical reactions, forces, and motion. 


Chemistry I, Chemistry I Honors, AIS Chemistry, MYIB Chemistry - Chemistry PDF

This course is a laboratory-based science class in which students will study the structure and properties of matter as they explore chemical reactions, the structure of atoms, conservation and interactions of energy and matter.  Prerequisites:  Algebra I, Geometry Concurrent


Physics Honors, MYIB Physics - Physics PDF

This course is a laboratory-based science class in which students will study the fundamentals of the physical world of matter, energy, basic mechanics and particle physics.  Prerequisites:  Geometry, Algebra 2 Concurrent


AP Sciences – All 2 period AP Science classes will earn 1 science credit and 2 quality points


Environmental Science AP - APES PDF

This laboratory-based science class emphasizes the application of scientific concepts to the understanding and solution of environmental problems and solutions.  This course fulfills the Earth/Environmental Science Graduation requirement.  Prerequisites:  Biology I, Algebra I, Geometry, Chemistry


Biology AP – 2 Periods - AP Biology PDF

This laboratory-based science class emphasizes the conceptual framework, factual knowledge and analytical skills to deal critically with the rapidly changing science of biology.  Prerequisites:  Biology I, Chemistry


Chemistry AP – 2 Periods -  AP Chemistry PDF

This laboratory-based science class emphasizes an understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry and competence in dealing with chemical problems.  Strong emphasis is placed on laboratory work and analysis of data.  Prerequisites:  Chemistry I, Algebra 2


Physics B AP – 2 Periods - AP Physics B PDF

This laboratory-based science class is a non-calculus college course in general Physics.  Prerequisites:  Physics I and Algebra 2


Physics C AP - AP Physics C PDF

This laboratory-based science class is a calculus based college course emphasizing mechanics, electricity and magnetism.  Prerequisites:  Calculus and Physics I or Advanced

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