Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

The CMS Vision for Mathematics Teaching and Learning

The CMS vision for teaching and learning of mathematics is shaped by the National Council for Teachers of Math (NCTM 2000). We emphasize mathematical reasoning,problem-solving, and communication. We want students to experience mathematics as a creative, sense-making venture of soling challenging problems individually and collaboratively. The development of number sense and insight into the many patterns and relationships that lead to computations and symbolic fluency are essential for effective problem solving. Computational fluency includes accuracy, efficiency, and mathematical power for all students. Mathematical power is defined as: an individual’s ability to explore, conjecture, and reason logically, as well as the ability to use a variety of mathematical methods effectively to solve non-routine problems (NCTM, 1989).

The learning environment should be focused on worthwhile problematic tasks and meaningful discourse among learners in small and large groups. We are in the learning business, and ultimately what matters most in classrooms is what is going on in the minds of our students relative to the mathematics at hand. Instructional decisions and interventions should be driven by the teacher’s insight into students’ mathematical thinking.