NC Pre-K Site Application
  • NC Pre-K Site Application


    The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools serve as the Contract Administrator for Mecklenburg County's NC Pre-K program.   In addition, a local NC Pre-K Committee provides guidance and oversight to the program.


    Every two years each county conducts the site application process. 

  • Below is the link to the Site Application                                                                                                           2016-18 NC Pre-K Site Application- Mecklenburg County.docx.



    Four and five star centers who are interested in participating during the 2016-2018 are required to send a representative to a meeting (March 4 1:00 -2:30 PM, Child and Family Services Center, 601 E. 5th Street). A general overview will be presented, followed by time for questions and answers.

    Please bring a copy of the application to the meeting.


    Information regarding the application process:

    • The NC Pre-K Site Application will be completed by each site interested in being an NC Pre-K Site.
    • A non-conflicted committee will review all applications and will recommend sites for approval.
    • Approved sites will be eligible for selection as NC Pre-K centers.   
    • All sites will receive a letter letting them know whether or not they were approved.
    • Sites that are selected for classrooms will be notified when and if opportunities arise.
    • Selected Sites will be funded for the extent of the contract cycle (two-year cycle).
    • All awards to selected sites are contingent upon and subject to appropriation, allocation and availability of funding through the North Carolina State Legislature and the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE). 
    • Selected NC Pre-K sites are required to comply with all applicable NC Child Care Rules, specifically Rule .3000 NC Pre-Kindergarten Services and the NC Pre-Kindergarten Requirements during the funding cycle. 


      Prior to the meeting, please review or print the following documents from the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education website ( 

      • NC Pre-K Program Requirements
      • NC Child Care Rules (with emphasis on Rule .3000)
      • NC Foundations of Early Learning and Development
      • Approved Curricula and Formative Assessments