Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Curriculum Objectives

The CMS Pre-Kindergarten curriculum, Opening the World of Learning (O.W.L.), incorporates all domains of learning, including social-emotional, cognitive, language, communication and physical development. This comprehensive curriculum integrates language and literacy skills through rich content in social studies and science, favorite children’s books, non-fiction books, songs, and poems.

The language skills in the O.W.L curriculum include conversation (speaking and listening), vocabulary development, book and print awareness, phonemic awareness, letter identification and writing. Integrated mathematics skills include number sense, numeration, spatial sense, measurement, geometry, and patterns. Science and social studies and the arts are woven throughout the day.

The OWL curriculum provides the tools to implement six thematically organized units, Family, Friends, Wind and Water, the World of Color, Shadows and Reflections, and Things That Grow. The content of each unit is built around a carefully crafted, active daily routine. The O.W.L schedule includes a “Morning Meeting”, center time, story time, “Songs, Word Play and Letters,” small groups, and “Let’s Find Out About It.” Activities within these components are designed to encourage conversations, social skills and concept knowledge.

In addition to language, literacy and math skills, participation in Pre-Kindergarten fosters the development of the whole child.


Social Emotional

  • Exhibit eagerness and curiosity as a learner
  • Participates as a member of the class community
  • Shows some self-direction in action
  • Follows class rules and routines
  • Manages transitions
  • Uses classroom materials respectfully
  • Uses Words and/or adults to resolve conflicts 

The Creative Arts

  • Become aware of art and use art materials for exploration and expression.
  • Become aware of music and participate in music experiences.
  • Participate in creative movement.

Scientific Thinking

  • Question and investigate through active exploration.
  • Seek answers or solutions through active problem solving.

Social Studies

  • Recognize characteristics of self, others.
  • Begin to understand role of self and others as members of families and community.
  • Show an awareness of other cultures.
  • Show interest in caring for the environment.
  • Begin to show awareness of location and place.


  • Explore the computer and its components.
  • Use age-appropriate software.



Example of a Pre-K Schedule

Arrival, Morning Centers, Breakfast Image of Pre-Kindergarten Student Work

Morning Meeting


Small Groups

Outside Time

Snack Time

Songs, Word Play and Letters


Story time

Quiet Time

End of Day Centers

Let’s Find Out About It