Charlotte-Mecklenburg Retired School Personnel

Membership in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Retired School Personnel is available to any person who has retired from active service in a school organization in North Carolina, or in another state affiliate but presently resides in North Carolina. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Retired School Personnel dues are for a combined membership in the national, state, and local units. The dues are payable after July 1st. of each calendar year to the CMRSP Treasurer or by payroll deduction for North Carolina retirees each month. Dues are based on the year you retired. A schedule of dues will be sent upon request.


  • Quarterly luncheon meetings featuring outstanding speakers on topics of concern

  • Quarterly newsletters

  • Membership directory

  • Retirement information

  • Group travel

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) benefit

  • Opportunities for volunteer service

  • Membership card with extensive benefits