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Menus, Carbohydrates and Allergens


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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Child Nutrition Services takes your child's health seriously. We promise to provide a tasty, healthy breakfast and lunch in our school cafes. We are compliant with federal and state regulations and align our school system's wellness program with these guidelines. We continue to increase our offerings with fresh produce, whole grains, and lower-calorie Smart Snacks. We have reduced fats, sodium, and sugars in our daily allowances for student breakfast and lunches. We do not fry foods and serve items containing peanuts or shellfish.

Our menus include:

  • Meals that are made fresh daily
  • Assortments of fresh fruits and veggies 
  • Farm to School locally grown foods
  • Whole Grains
  • 1% unflavored milk, and fat free unflavored and flavored milk.
  • 100% fruit juice
  • Age-appropriate portion sizes
  • Healthy a la carte selections (Smart Snacks) that are right-sized and meet nutrition standards for calories, fat, sugar and sodium.


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December 2017 Pre K Menu
November 2017 Pre K Menu
December 2017 K-8 Menu
November 2017 K-8 Menu
December 2017 High School Menu
December 2017 Middle College Menu
December 2017 Off Campus Menu
November 2017 High School Menu
November 2017 Middle College Menu
November 2017 Off Campus Menu
2017-2018 Nutrition Analysis Allergens
December 2017 HS Carb and Allergens Menu
December 2017 K-8 Carb and Allergen Menus
December 2017 PreK Carb and Allergen Menus
November 2017 High School Carb and Allergen Menus
November 2017 K-8 Carb and Allergen Menus
November 2017 PreK Carb and Allergen Menus
October 2017 HS Carb and Allergens Menu
October 2017 K-8 Carb and Allergens Menu
October 2017 PreK Carb and Allergens Menu
CMS Diet Order 2017
Diet Order Form in Spanish
Vegan Menu Items

 Special Dietary Needs Note:

​We can make accommodations for special diets as ordered by your child's health care provider.

Disclaimer: “All allergy information is obtained from manufactures product labels and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.”

Peanuts and Shellfish are not served in CMS cafeterias.




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