How do I get on Charlotte-Mecklenburg School’s vendor list?
To become an active vendor with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, vendors must fill out a vendor application form and return it to the Purchasing Department. An application form is available under the Vendor Application link and may be submitted on-line.

How can I get a list of commodities that are purchased?
The Purchasing Department Directory lists the most often purchased commodities and the purchasing agent responsible for those commodities.

How can I find out about upcoming formal bid opportunities?
Upcoming formal bid opportunities for construction related projects are available under Building Services or advertised under the legal section of the local newspaper. All other formal bid opportunities are available on the North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System.

How can I find out about upcoming informal bid opportunities?
Contact the M/W/SBE office at 980-343-8638.

Does Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools use state term contracts?
Schools systems are no longer required to purchase off of state term contracts; however, it is the preferred method of procuring large items or large quantities of items that have already been competitively bid.

Do M/W/SBE firms have to be certified?
Certification is not a requirement for vendors seeking to do business with the school system; however, only certified M/W/SBE firms will be credited toward the aspirational goals established by the school system. Firms may be certified by any governmental, private or public certifying agency.

Does Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools outsource custodial services?
Currently, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools does not outsource services; however, the Custodial Services Department maintains a list of emergency response vendors. For more information contact the Custodial Services Department at 980-343-6851.

What is your payment policy?
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ payment policy is net thirty after receipt of an approved invoice.