Every contractor working on a school construction project must complete certain forms. We'd like to make the process as easy as possible for you, so we've included printable copies of all the necessary documents. Simply click on the form you need, print it, fill in the required information and return it to us.

Now you have online access to the reports and publications focused on Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' construction projects. Just click on the links listed below and keep up-to-date on all the latest developments and vital statistics.

collapse Category : 5-year Sustainment Plan ‎(3)
2017 Sustainment Plan Update 12-31-17.pdf
2/12/2018 9:11 AM
2018 Sustainment Plan Update 1-22-18.pdf
2/12/2018 9:10 AM
Building Services Sustainment Model Overview.pdf
2/12/2018 9:10 AM
collapse Category : Bond Program ‎(2)
Capital Improvement Program Bond Report.pdf
10/18/2018 4:09 PM
Project Promises - 2007 and 2013 Bonds.pdf
2/12/2018 9:01 AM
collapse Category : Documents/Forms ‎(4)
Application for Payment Checklist.pdf
2/12/2018 9:02 AM
Builders Risk Policy.PDF
2/12/2018 9:02 AM
Sales Tax Statement.xls
2/12/2018 9:01 AM
Surety Statement.pdf
2/12/2018 9:01 AM
collapse Category : Procurement ‎(2)
AE RFQ Lincoln Heights October 2018.pdf
10/8/2018 9:22 AM
Commissioning RFQ - October 2018.pdf
10/1/2018 9:24 AM
collapse Category : Real Estate ‎(1)
2016-2017 CMBE One Year Lease Updated 6 22 16.pdf
2/12/2018 9:03 AM