Environmental Health and Safety
Energy Conservation



The CMS Energy Management Department has developed a comprehensive program for energy efficient operations around the district that has been recognized in the United States Department of Energy, Energy Star Leaders program.  The goal of this program is to maximize energy efficiency throughout the district with proper consideration given to environmental and safety issues.  School based Energy Coordinators assist in the implementation of the Strategic Energy Program at the school house level. 


Each school has a designated energy coordinator. The energy coordinator receives data each month detailing the school's electricity, natural gas and water consumption.  This data may be used by the school both to gauge energy performance and in the classroom to supplement academic assignments with the school's own data.  Energy coordinators are encouraged to post this data for school community use each month.  School energy data is also a factor in the new environmental stewardship incentive program which recognizes schools for environmental stewardship accomplishments.


CMS is a partnership with the US EPA Energy Star program as one method of maximizing energy efficiency of CMS. “Our energy-conservation initiatives include retrofitting lighting for more efficiency, monitoring schools' energy use to detect unusual changes in usage and having an employee at each school serve as an energy coordinator to help keep the campus running energy efficient,” said Phil Berman, executive director of facilities. “Energy conservation is a team effort where CMS employees from many different departments help make this happen.”


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