Environmental Health and Safety
Recycling and Waste Reduction

 Mecklenburg County Supports Recycling at CMS Schools  


All materials included in the Mecklenburg County recycling program can be deposited in regular recycling bins.  There is no need to separate cans, bottles and paper for recycling. 

Recycled materials will be deposited together in the recycling dumpster for pick-up.  Items that may be included in your recycling bins are:  mixed paper; junk mail; empty drink containers including cans, milk cartons, juice boxes and bottles; plastic containers; rigid plastics like toys and buckets; empty aerosol cans;  metal food cans, magazines and phone books and more.  Posters are being published for every classroom that describe what may and may not be placed in recycling bins. 

It is important to be aware that certain waste items may not be recycled and could result in contaminating your recycling bins or dumpster.  A contaminated load of recycled material may be treated and disposed of as trash depending on the volume of contamination.

Please only deposit milk or other drink containers WITHOUT beverages still inside.  Drink containers must be empty!!!