Building Services
Energy Management

EnergyThe Energy Management Department ensures proper management of energy of all CMS utilities and provides technical assistance for Building Services in the development, installation, maintenance and control of energy efficient HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.

EnergyThe Energy Management Department has developed a comprehensive program for energy efficient operations around the district.  The goal of this program is to maximize energy efficiency throughout the district with proper consideration given to environmental and safety issues.  This Department is responsible for the implementation, operation and enforcement of the program. 

In addition to:

  1. Evaluating energy rates and utility provider proposals to obtain the most reliable and cost effective energy sources available to the district.
  2. Routinely reviewing efficiency improvements within pertinent industries and recommend new, more efficient equipment, systems and operating techniques.
  3. Working with campus principals and managers of other departments to develop an atmosphere of cooperation, and to establish acceptable operating practices among their staff and within their departmental practices.
  4. Annually reviewing and revising the standard practices, as needed.
  5. Developing and promoting educational energy awareness programs.

CMS Energy Fun Facts 

  • CMS uses more than 191 million kilowatts of electricity annually
  • CMS uses more than 2.8 million therms of natural gas annually
  • CMS uses more than 254 million gallons of water annually
  • CMS Building Services tracks and monitors in excess of 1450 utility bills monthly
  • CMS is an Energy Star Partner
  • CMS is an Energy Star Leader
  • CMS has in excess of 7.7 million sq-ft Energy Star labeled buildings
  • CMS spends in excess of $2,700 per hour in utilities (24/7/365)

Be the Brightest Bulb


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