Asthma Education

Asthma Education Program                



Asthma is the number one chronic disease among students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.  Over 14,000 CMS students have been identified with asthma. 

Asthma also is the number one reason for missed school days for children with chronic diseases.  In the United States, students with asthma miss over 10 million school days each year. In an average classroom 30 students 3 students may have asthma. Several students with asthma may go undiagnosed or unidentified.

If asthma symptoms are uncontrolled, students with asthma may:               

  • Lose sleep because of coughing at night and then be tired the next day at school. 
  • Have a hard time in school or physical activities
  • Avoid physical activity, fearing that it may trigger an asthma attack
  • Avoid taking their asthma medication because they do not want to be seen as “different.”
  • Express feelings of embarrassment, frustration and isolation.

If your child has asthma, it is very important to tell your child’s school nurse, teacher, coach, and caregivers. 

Please contact any CMS school nurse for more information or assistance in managing your child's asthma.