Health Services
Coordinated School Health

​School Health Services include: Preventive services, education, first aid, emergency care, assessment, referrals, and management of acute and chronic health problems – designed to prevent health problems and injuries and ensure care for students and promote a healthy and safe school environment. School nurses are provided by Mecklenburg County Health Department School  Health through an agreement with CMS.  School Health Nurses provide a broad range of care and services for students:

  • ​Minimize or eliminate health problems that impede learning.
  • Reduce the incidence of health related problems in order to maximize the quantity and quality of class time.
  • Support school staff in safe administration of medications in school.
  • Ensure compliance with state mandates for immunizations and physical exams required for school entry and attendance.
  • Increase the school community’s knowledge and behaviors in positive health, mental health, physical activity, and safety and nutrition practices.



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"Keeping Our Students Fit, Healthy and Ready to Learn"