Coordinated School Health
Counseling, Psychological, & Social Services

"Healthy Students and Healthy Staff Achieve More Together "

Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services: Services that include individual and group assessments, interventions, and referrals designed to prevent problems early and enhance healthy development.

School Counselors support Healthy Students:

School Counselors in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools promote healthy students on the middle and high school levels in the following ways:

  • Support for appropriate personal and social development through individual and group counseling
  • Guidance lessons on pertinent topics
  • Interventions for individuals through counseling, conferences, behavior modification and other strategies
  • Referrals to school staff and school teams
  • Service on School Intervention Teams and other teams
  • Referrals to community resources

For more information regarding Counseling, Psychological, & Social Services visit:  Student Counseling Services or School Psychological Services webpage.