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Indian Education/Title VI Program

Description: The federal Title VI program supports educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indian and Alaska native students, so that such students can meet the same challenging academic achievement standards as all other students within CMS. The ongoing program will provide opportunities for these students by ensuring that programs that serve them are of the highest quality and provide for not only their basic elementary and secondary educational needs, but also meet the unique educational and culturally related needs of these students.

The CMS Title VI Parent Advisory Board meets regularly during the school year to plan special cultural activities and to review needed programs for our eligible students, such as tutoring or assistance with any program within CMS, career counseling, college preparedness, and CMS teacher continuing educational opportunities. Meetings are generally open to all parents of CMS American Indian and Alaska native students.

Title VI Eligibility: Title VI eligibility is open to any CMS student who is a member of a federal or state recognized tribe; or a child of any member of a federal or state recognized tribe; or the grandchild of any member of a federal or state recognized tribe. Completion of EDForm 506 is required to determine a student's eligibility for Title VI support. Click here to access EDForm 506. Completed forms should be given to the school the child is currently attending, or sent to Chiquitha Lloyd (contact information is listed below).

For more information about the Title VI program, contact:

Chiquitha Lloyd
Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Indian Education
Office of the Superintendent
4421 Stuart Andrew Blvd. Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28217
980-343-8638 - Work
980-343-7135 - fax
Courier # 835-A


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