Exceptional Children
EC Parent Meetings 2017-2018

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Round Table Meetings

Throughout the 2017-18 school year, the EC Department Leadership Team will host Round Tables for both EC Staff and Parents to engage in conversation about a variety of topics that are relevant for families, teachers, and students.


To see the full schedule for the year, please visit https://www.smore.com/5ek04. We will continue to update this site throughout the course of the year with the locations and topics. 


If you need specific support to be able to attend (ex. an interpreter), please let us know ahead of time by emailing ashley1.kogutkiewicz@cms.k12.nc.us or calling 343-2768 so we can plan to provide support.


Materials from EC Parent Round Table #1: September 19, 2017

Feedback Survey Link- http://bit.ly/2f88uHc

PowerPoint Slides- http://bit.ly/2hhkvGZ

Dyslexia Awareness Month Handout- http://bit.ly/2wGGQn7

Service Delivery Handout- http://bit.ly/2xhxWhG

Materials from EC Parent Round Table #2: October 19, 2017

PowerPoint Slides- http://bit.ly/2imzILf

Video Recording- http://bit.ly/2hOTqvl

Inclusion Handout- http://bit.ly/2yDAsBA

Feedback Survey Link- http://bit.ly/2f88uHc

Materials from EC Parent Round Table #3: January 16, 2018

PowerPoint Slides-  http://bit.ly/2Dkbye3
Video Recording-  http://bit.ly/2hOTqvl

Answers to Parent Questions and Myths- http://bit.ly/2Ds30kI
12 Things to Expect About your Child's Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meeting http://bit.ly/2DmDywT
ECAC IEP Checklist-http://bit.ly/2mHJGFq
Parent Rights & Responsibilities in Special Education: NC Notice of Procedural Safeguards-http://bit.ly/2ukgUN5 (English)  http://bit.ly/2uWd686 (Spanish)
Transition Fair Flyers- http://bit.ly/2DHdKJo (English) http://bit.ly/2DKi7n5 (Spanish)
Feedback Survey Link- http://bit.ly/2f88uHc

Materials from EC Parent Round Table #4: March 6, 2018

PowerPoint Slides- http://bit.ly/2DmUn6F

Video Recording- http://bit.ly/2hOTqvl

Feedback Survey Link- http://bit.ly/2f88uHc

Transition Fair Flyers- http://bit.ly/2DHdKJo (English) http://bit.ly/2DKi7n5 (Spanish)


Parent Update Meetings

Extensions Update Meeting- October 23rd, 2017

Presentation Slides: http://bit.ly/2gCfcC3

Video of the Presentation: http://bit.ly/2y3rezM

Event Feedback Survey: http://bit.ly/2yLWiRD

Magnet Options for students assigned to the Extensions Program Information Night: January 8, 2018

PowerPoint Slides- http://bit.ly/2FN4ZkE

Magnet Flyers- http://bit.ly/2tFs5on  (English)  http://bit.ly/2DmM7nk (Spanish)

Inclusive Practices Expansion for Students Following the Extended Content Standards:  February 20, 2018-February 28, 2018

PowerPoint Slides- http://bit.ly/2Fy8fNh

Parent Letter and Frequently Asked Questions- http://bit.ly/2p532GB  (English) http://bit.ly/2FvzL2f (Spanish)