Exceptional Children
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 Department Information

Exceptional Children

4421 Stuart Andrew Blvd.
Suite 500
Charlotte, NC      28217

Phone: 980-343-6960
Fax: 980-343-5433

Courier: 835-A

email: ec

Contact Person: Laura Hamby

 Contact Information

Stalnaker, Ann
Assistant Superintendent, Programs for Exceptional Children
Phone: 980-343-6960
Email: annw.stalnaker
Luckey, Monique
Child Find Advocate - Preschool
Phone: 980-343-2772
Email: monique.luckey
Levi, Stacie
Director, Administrative Services
Phone: 980-343-6164
Email: stacie.levi
Hamby, Laura
Director, Educational Services
Phone: 980-343-2667
Email: l.hamby
Friday, April
Intake Coordinator - Child Find Advocate
Phone: 980-343-2720
Email: aprilm.friday
Jones, Elaine
Parent Liaison
Phone: 980-343-9423
Email: elaine.jones
Morris, Kimberly
Program Specialist - Accountability - Legal and Compliance Concerns/Issues
Phone: 980-343-2770
Email: Kimberlyl.morris
Harver, Nancy
Program Specialist - Administrative Services, Contracts, Allotments, Extended School Year, and Transportation
Phone: 980-343-2686
Email: nancy.harver
Repass, Christina
Program Specialist - Audiology, Speech/Language Impaired and Hearing Impaired
Phone: 980-343-2677
Email: christinam.repass
Capuano, Kim
Program Specialist - Compliance/Technical Assistance
Phone: 980-343-4003
Email: kim.capuano
Lofton, Kristine
Program Specialist - EC Site Coordinator - Smith Family Center, Adapted Physical Education (APE), Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy(PT) and Assistive Technology
Phone: 980-343-2731
Email: kristine.lofton
Jolly, Ann
Program Specialist - Elementary Schools
Phone: 980-343-2717
Email: ann.jolly
Bertino-Daum, Heidi
Program Specialist - Extensions Program and Behavior Support
Phone: 980-343-2680
Email: heidi1.bertino-daum
Haulk, Marianne
Program Specialist - Middle School, Visually Impaired (VI)
Phone: 980-343-2721
Email: marianne.haulk
Mandle, Cheryl
Program Specialist - Preschool Services
Phone: 980-343-2774
Email: cheryl.mandle
Sartin, Marianna
Program Specialist - Secondary Schools
Phone: 980-343-2771
Email: marianna.sartin
Works, Dianne
Student Placement - Self Contained (M-Z), Homebound Services
Phone: 980-343-2666
Email: dianne.works
Brown, Kristi
Student Placement - Self-contained (A-L)
Phone: 980-343-2713
Email: kristi.brown