Mobile Classroom Safety Information

Every Mobile Classroom installation design at CMS meets the requirements of:

  • Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services Agency (LUESA) plan reviewers
  • North Carolina State Building Code for Educational Occupancy
  • The North Carolina Engineering and Codes Division
  • The Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards
  • Zone I Wind Standards

Mobile Classrooms at CMS are structurally sound including:

  • The concrete block piers that support each mobile sit on solid poured concrete footings.
  • Before the concrete footings are poured the soil is tested for load bearing capacity.
  • The piers are braced by 10 steel tie down straps anchored to the ground and subjected to a pullout test.
  • The straps resist wind uplift up to 90 miles per hour.
  • CMS has never experienced a mobile classroom structural support failure.

CMS District Procedures address Mobile Classrooms concerns in case of excessive winds or fire including:

  • It is District wide procedure to evacuate mobile occupants to the main building during high wind conditions such as tornado warnings and for Principals to monitor conditions during tornado watches.
  • Each Mobile Classroom is equipped with manual fire-alarm pull stations.
  • Each Mobile Classroom has 2 means of egress/exits at opposite ends of the classroom.
  • Each Mobile Classroom is equipped with emergency exit lighting.
  • Each Mobile Classroom is equipped with a fire extinguisher.

Security concerns related to Mobile Classrooms are addressed including:

·         Two-way intercom system between each Mobile Classroom and front office.

·         Exterior lighting including exterior lighting of decking.

Indoor Environment related to Mobile Classrooms

  • All Mobile Classrooms have independent heating and cooling units.
  • Filters are changed as part of a quarterly preventative maintenance program.
  • Custodial services are conducted on a routine basis including daily trash emptying and floor sweeping.