CMS Police Department



The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Police Communications Center provides around the clock dispatch service for CMS Police officers, detectives, alarm technicians and other surrounding law enforcement agencies. The center is equipped with an up to date CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system remotely linked with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. A few of its features include the ability to mirror Charlotte Mecklenburg and Huntersville's Police departments calls for service and monitor GPS tracking of Patrol vehicles and all school buses.  The CMS Communications Center is designated as the primary monitoring site for the alarm monitoring system and video equipment for all CMS properties. These resources make it possible to provide the best possible service for the students, faculty & staff and the entire CMS Community.

The CMSPD Communications department is not a 911 Emergency call center, but has the capacity to provide assistance to the entire Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Community. It manages emergencies as well as all non-emergency incidents referred to the department. The center receives numerous types' of requests for service, make notifications and referral to the appropriate agencies and departments.


CMS Police Communications can be reached at:

980-343-6030 or email:


Communications Staff:


Rachel Proctor, Communications Supervisor

Lavon Love, Dispatcher

Lisa Williams, Dispatcher

Norris Johnson, Dispatcher

Dawn Hayes, Dispatcher

Letitia Harvey, Dispatcher

Traci Bennett, Dispatcher