CMS Police Department
Safe Schools/Volunteer Screening

KeShaun Stevens is the Safe Schools Coordinator at the CMS Police Department. She has over 17 years experience in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. As the Safe School Coordinator, KeShaun is responsible for providing CMS with a safe school plan.  The plan is designated to insure that every school in the district is safe, secure and orderly - free of disruptions, drugs, violence and weapons; that there is a climate of respect in every school; and that appropriate personal conduct is a priority for all students and school personnel. She is responsible for Safe School Audits which are conducted twice a year. She is responsible for scoring the audits and distributing the audit information. The purpose of Safe Schools Audits is to monitor the supervision of students, especially during transitions; and to assess the students’ understanding of the rules for appropriate behavior according to the CMS Code of Student Conduct. Also, to ensure that staff has an understanding of procedures to follow if a crisis on campus is identified; and to randomly survey students about feeling safe at school.

In addition, KeShaun is responsible for managing the Volunteer Screening System.  The volunteer screening system is a system that conducts background checks on every potential volunteer in CMS.  This system is in place to ensure the safety and security of all students and school personnel. 

KeShaun also provides support services to CMS Chief of Police, Learning Communities Superintendents, Principals and Security Associates.


Keshaun Stevens