Student Discipline and Behavior Support
Crime and Violence Prevention

Criminal Watch Program
Develops and maintains a database that includes basic information (attendance, academic and behavioral) on students who have been charged with a felony and serious misdemeanors and are currently enrolled in the CMS system. 

Felony Arrest Notification Program
Responds to North Carolina General Statute (NCGS) 115C-366 that requires that principals be notified of students 16 years of age and over who have been charged with a felony.  The Alternative Education and Safe Schools Department maintains a relationship with law enforcement that involves notification to the Alternative Education office of students 16 and over arrested for a felony.

Transitional Support Case Manager Program
Provides close supervision of secondary students who have been placed on probation due to CMS Code of Student Conduct or law violations and students in the Criminal Watch Program. 

Triage Interview Process
A specially designed series of questions aimed at identifying at-risk behaviors of students transitioning into the school district from non-traditional settings. The information gathered during the triage interview provides the staff the opportunity to meet and discuss pertinent information with the student, the parents and, in many cases, community agencies.