Magnet Transportation Information


All CMS magnet programs offer neighborhood stops for students who are eligible for transportation.  In addition, the following magnet programs also offer shuttle stops: Charlotte Engineering Early College, Collinswood Language Academy, E. E. Waddell Language Academy, JM Morehead STEM Academy, Northwest School of the Arts, Oaklawn Language Academy, Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology, Piedmont IB and Randolph IB.  Please refer to the links located to the left of this page for further details of the shuttle sites available for your child's school.  Parents will be responsible for transporting students to and from the shuttle stops, which are located at designated CMS schools, CMS will pick up and drop off the students at the shuttle stop location.

Students attending the schools listed above may receive transportation to a daycare facility with the exception of Phillip O. Berry, Charlotte Engineering Early College and Northwest School of the Arts.  The facility must be located within the school's attendance boundary.  Please refer to the daycare listing HERE for a list of possible daycare options.

​Please note that transportation to alternate stops (daycare centers, etc.) do not automatically carry over from one school year to the next.  These stops must be requested each year.

 Shuttle Stops

How will parents be notified of the shuttle stop assignment for their child? When will this information be shared with parents?

Shuttle site information will be sent to parents via the “Transportation Intent to Ride” letters.  This letter will provide parents with the preliminary information regarding shuttle sites, the official bus stop notification will be sent to families in mid- August.


Can parents choose a different shuttle location from the one that they are assigned? How do I request a change in shuttle site location?

  • Yes, parents can request a different shuttle-stop location from the one they were assigned. The location must serve the magnet program their child attends. For example, a Collinswood student that is assigned to the Lake Wylie Elementary School shuttle-stop location may request to be re-assigned to another Collinswood stop (i.e. Endhaven ES) but could not request a shuttle stop that is not designated as a stop for Collinswood (i.e. River Oaks ES).
  • Parents may request a change in shuttle stop assignment by completing the “Alternate Stop Request Form” which is located on the Transportation page of CMS Web site (

How can I locate the other shuttle stops assigned to my child’s magnet program?

Please click on the link for your school at the left of this page, it will have a list of the shuttle stop locations available for that school.  The information is also available from your child's school or by contacting the Transportation Call Center at 980-343-6715.​

How will the shuttle stops work?

  • School bus shuttle stops will be established at area schools. Parents will be required to bring their child(ren) to an assigned shuttle stop to catch a bus to their magnet school. 
  • Shuttle stops will not interfere with the schools' regular bus and car traffic - shuttle pick-up and drop-off times will be earlier/later than the bus and car traffic for the shuttle site school (The Transportation Department will make every effort to meet this standard). 

How early can I bring my child to the shuttle stop?

Parents are encouraged to bring their child to the shuttle stop 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Parents are encouraged NOT to bring their child to the shuttle stop very early since there will be other traffic and students coming and going from the site. Parents who arrive after the shuttle bus has departed will not be allowed to leave their child at the shuttle stop and will have to transport their student to the magnet school.

Can my child park at the shuttle site?

Shuttle sites are located at designated CMS Schools and as such will have their own traffic after the shuttle bus departs.  For that reason, students cannot leave a vehicle parked at the shuttle site and parents are encouraged to make accommodations to get their child to the shuttle stop 15 minutes before the scheduled​ departure time.

If I am not able to pick up my child at the shuttle stop in the afternoon at the designated time, can my child wait in the parking lot for me to arrive?

  • No. Parents who are unable to be at the shuttle site are encouraged to look for alternatives that will provide after-school daycare. Most elementary and middle school shuttle sites have After School Enrichment Programs that provide a structured setting for students; parents must contact the After School Enrichment Program office at 980-343-5567 to enroll. There is a fee associated with this program. For more information, click on the After School Enrichment Program link in the red box on the left side of this page.
  • Middle school parents may also utilize an approved licensed daycare that is within the school's transportation zone; this list is available on the Transportation Services Department website or by clicking HERE. Parents who choose to use a daycare must enroll at the daycare as well as request the transportation service change by submitting an Alternate Stop Request Form. That form is available on the Transportation Services Department website​​.
  • Another option parents may choose is a consolidated stop. Information on how to set up a consolidate stop and the regulations for doing so are also located on the Transportation Services Department website or by clicking HERE​. If you have further questions about consolidated stops, please contact your child’s school. 

Parents are encouraged to be at the shuttle stop at the designated time in the afternoon; parents who are unable to be at the designated stop at the scheduled time will not be allowed to continue to use the shuttle stop.

Can I take my child to a neighborhood stop and allow him/her to ride the bus from the established neighborhood stop?

All students will have the option to choose either a neighborhood stop or a shuttle stop for those schools that offer them.  We ask that the student only ride the bus they are assigned to unless other arrangements have been made at the school.

If I have a question regarding the shuttle site, who can I call?

Please contact the Transportation Call Center at 980-343-6715 for additional information. 




Who will monitor the shuttle sites?

  • Sites will be monitored by a variety of security personnel, including Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Police officers and CMS security associates.