Office of Strategic Partnerships
Secondary Level Volunteer Opportunities

Fewer volunteers are used in secondary schools than at the elementary level.
However, there are many ways in which they can help in middle and high schools.
Below is a list of ways that secondary level schools can utilize volunteers:

  1. Sign-up as a special speaker about careers related topics and experiences, etc.
  2. Help students in the guidance office find answers to questions about careers and universities
  3. Help students on special projects
  4. Help students with resource materials in the library
  5. Assist in the school clinic
  6. Read textbooks to students with reading programs
  7. Assist students with various special needs
  8. Assist in science labs
  9. Assist in vocational classes
  10. Accompany students on choral, band, club or athletic trips
  11. Assist talented students in art, music, acting, etc.
  12. Help arrange field trips
  13. Sponsor school clubs
  14. Assist in developing school publications
  15. Assist in putting on student performances
  16. Help students who were absent make up assignments
  17. Help non-English speaking students with vocabulary and conversational skills
  18. Assist in organizing a college fair
  19. Assist teachers in gathering resources for units of study
  20. Serve as math tutors
  21. Serve on a “homework hotline” team
  22. Assist athletic coaches
  23. Serve as a listener for students
  24. Perform clerical duties
  25. Assist in arranging and supervising special school events