Communications/Public Information



The Communications Services team will promote CMS as a premier public school district and support the CMS promise of Every Child, Every Day, For A Better Tomorrow by:

  • delivering clear, timely and accurate district information to  our employees, students, parents, community and news media
  • providing excellent communications services and graphic production support to individual schools, departments, superintendent, Board of Education and all CMS stakeholders
  • maintaining strategic relationships with local organizations to broaden the reach of positive CMS news
  • supporting efforts to establish and promote every CMS school as a school of choice
  • engaging employees, students, parents and community members to build trust and inform major district initiatives

Our goals:

  • Build and sustain a high performance Communications Services Team that operates effectively and efficiently.
  • Implement a comprehensive internal communications strategy that strengthens employee engagement.
  • Engage parents and community members in authentic two-way dialogue that builds public trust.
  • Establish strategic communication partnerships that expand news reach and CMS advocacy.
  • Maximize awareness and support of CMS goals and news to strengthen the CMS brand image. 
  • Competitively promote CMS' portfolio of programs and schools to establish CMS as a district/school of choice .  

How we communicate:

In order to provide timely information both internally and externally, CMS communicates using the following methods:

Board Updates: A weekly report to the Board that provides information on district progress and events. It is sent to Board members, executive staff, principals and senior managers each Friday.

CMS Magazine: A television programming show that highlights various people and initiatives that support CMS.

CMS-TV: Found on Time- Warner Cable channel 3 and is the primary broadcast source for news and information about the district.

CMS web site: All district news is updated on this site.

CMS Insider: A weekly newsletter that highlights initiatives in the district.

Facebook: Provides CMS with a social media presence

Friday Focus: A weekly email communication from the superintendent that highlights achievements of students, teachers and departments in the district.

Legislative Blog: Provides updates on legislation impacting public education.

Media Line: If reporters have questions about the district they can call (980) 343-6243

Press Releases: Announces major district news to the media

Rumor Has It: A weekly web update that examines rumors in the district. It is intended to dispel misinformation and myths by providing detailed, factual responses to questions from employees and incorrect stories in the media.

Twitter: @CMS_schools: Provides CMS with a social media presence