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Management Team

The CMS management team is comprised of executive staff,  learning community superintendents and other CMS leaders. To contact a member of the management team, click on the appropriate contact link and complete the form, including your name, address, phone number, email address, etc.




Ann B. Clark


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Earnest Winston

Chief of Staff

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Kathryn Block

Chief Communications Officer

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Chief Finance Officer Sheila Shirley



Sheila W. Shirley

Chief Financial Officer

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Avery Mitchell

Chief Human Resources Officer

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Dawn Robinson

Interim Chief School Performance Officer

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Brian F. Schultz

Chief Academic Officer

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Frank D. Barnes

Chief Accountability Officer

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Dr. Valerie Truesdale

Chief of Technology, Personalization and Engagement

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George Battle, III

General Counsel

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Kondra Rattley

East Learning Community Superintendent

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Dr. Matthew Hayes

North Learning Community Superintendent

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John Wall

Northeast Learning Community Superintendent (Vance)   

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 Tara Lynn Sullivan

Central Learning Community Superintendent

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Charity E. Bell

Northeast Learning Community Superintendent

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Denise Watts

Project L.I.F.T Learning Community Superintendent

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Paul Pratt

West Learning Community Superintendent (West Mecklenburg)

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Curtis Carroll

West Learning Community Superintendent (Harding/ Phillip O. Berry)

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Dennis Queen

South Learning Community Superintendent

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Gina Smith

Assistant Superintendent for Exceptional Children

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LaTarzja Henry

Assistant Superintendent for Community Partnerships and Parent Engagement

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Akeshia Craven-Howell

Assistant Superintendent of the Office of School Options, Innovation and Design

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Scott McCully

Executive Director of Student Placement

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Valda Valbrun

Executive Director, Organizational Development

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Jennifer Lupold Pearsall

Executive Director, English Language Learner Services

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Talla Rittenhouse

Executive Director, Strategy Management

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