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Selective raises?

Posted: Thursday, May 16, 2013


At last week’s meeting of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners, there were some questions about whether the three percent raise CMS employees received last year went to everyone. It did -- that raise, a cost-of-living increase, was given to all employees of the district. The discussion has led to several questions from employees about this year’s proposed raise of one percent and who will receive it.


So that’s the rumor: raises given selectively to groups of employees. The facts: Last year’s raise, and this year’s request for a raise, will be given to all CMS employees.


All CMS employees received a three percent raise last year –

bus drivers, administrators, principals, teachers. Everybody got three percent.


Likewise, the one percent increase included in our budget request to Mecklenburg County will be for all employees, not just teachers. Right now, it’s just that: a request. Unlike the county, which can give its employees raises at will, we have to request the funds to cover our operating expenses, including employee raises. This year, we’ve asked Mecklenburg County to fund a one percent raise for all employees – and we’re asking the state to provide enough funding to cover an additional two percent for all employees. If the state does provide an additional two percent, we will redirect $4.4 million in our budget to cover employees paid with county funds, so that everyone gets the same three percent.


All of our employees contribute to our effectiveness in educating our students and we are committed to distributing any increases equitably.