CMS Circle of Safety

School safety is everyone's responsibility.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District protects students and staff with a comprehensive approach to safety, well-being and security.

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  • Reach out for social / emotional support when you need it
  • "See something, say something" about suspicious activity
  • Watch for behavioral changes
  • Use social media responsibly
  • Understand and follow safety instructions and drills
  • Be observant of traffic and surroundings at bus stops


  • Expanded visitor, vendor and volunteer screening
  • Lockdown and active survival training in all schools
  • Locked entrances and monitored access points
  • Facility improvements including new locks, fencing in key areas, reinforcement of vulnerable areas
  • Expanded digital surveillance
  • "Stand Up Speak Out Against Bullying" reporting


  • Additional crisis and evacuation training
  • Additional school resource and CMS-PD detectives
  • Deeper background checks for employees and volunteers
  • SafeSchool training for all CMS employees
  • Expanded school safety plans
  • Rapid crisis communications


  • Increased mental health support 
  • Law enforcement agency partnerships
  • Parents talk to students about appropriate items to take to school 
  • Ensure weapons are always secured and locked away
  • Civic, faith and community mentors
  • Community safe havens
  • Look out for school buses and obey traffic laws