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Legislative agenda

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education

2011 Legislative Agenda

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education hereby adopts as its legislative priorities and requests that the North Carolina legislature take action on the following items:

1.     Providing adequate funding and budget flexibility to local school districts.

  • Minimize funding cuts to K-12 education.
  • To the extent there are funding cuts, let local school districts decide how to implement those cuts (e.g. – limit state-mandated line item cuts). 

2.     Elevating and enhancing the teaching profession through reforms in evaluation, compensation and career status.

  • Review and reform tenure laws to ensure an appropriate balance between due process rights and the ability of local school districts to be flexible in making human capital decisions.
  • Clarify evaluation standards and give local school districts the flexibility to adopt additional evaluation standards suited to their local realities.
  • Examine and implement effective alternative compensation models which reward teacher performance.

3.     Providing flexibility to local school districts in reforming low-performing schools.

  • Remove existing impediments to implementing creative solutions to reform low-performing schools.
  • Ensure a level regulatory playing field for public and charter schools where possible (e.g. – personnel rules).  

4.     Provide flexibility to local school districts with regard to establishing school calendars best-suited for their local environments.

  • Repeal calendar law
  • Enable local districts to construct school calendars governed only by state constitution parameters.

5.     Providing taxing authority for local school districts.

  • Empower local boards of education to set tax rate for the local portion of public K-12 education spending.
  • Allow phase-in period for localities to make desired electoral adjustments.

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