CMS Budget Information

Current Budget Forecast

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is beginning work on the operations budget for 2012-2013. This work will take six to eight months, with final budget approval expected in late summer.

It is not yet clear if this budget year will be as challenging as recent years. However, in the words of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education Chair Ericka Ellis-Stewart, the budget is not only an exercise in dollars and cents – it is a priority statement about what is important to us as a district. For that reason, we strive for as much transparency as possible in our budget discussions and decisions.

As in previous years, the budget will affect class sizes, staff recruitment and retention, instructional support and district programs. It will affect all of our schools and our students. This page is part of our effort to keep you informed about our budget progress. As work on the 2012-2013 budget progresses, we will update the information here, including dates and times of budget work sessions and votes. We encourage you to participate in the budget process and we will keep you informed of developments as they occur.


CMS 2012-2013 Budget Process 

May 15 County Commissioners Meeting--County's Manager's Budget Proposal

May 9 Board of County Commissioners Budget Meeting

March 28 Board of Education Work Session information

Feb. 28 Board of Education Work Session information 

Feb. 14 Board of Education Work Session information

Jan. 24 Board of Education Work Session information

Jan. 10 Board of Education Work Session information