CMS Task Forces

A substantial contribution to education

In the fall of 2012, CMS convened 22 task forces made up of CMS staff and community members, including teachers, parents and students. Each of these task forces was charged with studying a specific area impacting CMS and then developing recommendations about how our district could improve.

We wanted as much public input as possible, so we created an online portal that allowed public comments or suggestions to be given to an individual task force. As the task forces met from January to June, we posted minutes of their meetings on our website so the public could read them. We conducted a survey in February to collect public input on two or three key issues for each task force. We held town hall meetings that included task force representatives, who could hear public input and suggestions.

The task forces have completed their work. From this page, you can look at a document that provides the recommendations of each task force, its members and some source materials used in developing the recommendations. To navigate the document quickly, you can click on the task force listing you want to read from the table of contents page and it will take you to that listing.

The members of the task forces have spent many, many hours in thought and discussion around some of the most daunting challenges facing education today. They have produced a substantive body of work that offers innovative thinking and exciting approaches to helping our district improve our schools.

We are very grateful to our task forces for this work. The willingness of so many community members to get involved in public education is humbling. This community cares about its schools and its children. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is fortunate to have so much support from its community.

We thank the task forces, and all the other community members who participated in surveys, town halls and other opportunities to provide input, for their interest and their commitment to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, its schools and its students. Their contribution has been a substantial one and it will help us make wiser, more effective choices in the future. Although each task force had a different area of focus, all of them have supported our most important commitment: Educating every child, every day, for a better tomorrow.

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