Parent Toolkit
For Parents of Middle School Students

Middle School StudentsWelcome to CMS! This page is designed to help you get your middle school child ready for school.

Middle school is an important transition in public education, because it helps children shift from having only one teacher and one classroom to changing classes and having multiple teachers. This helps prepare students for high school. In middle school, your child will begin to tackle advanced reading, higher-level math and other kinds of rigorous study.  It’s important to have your child rested and ready for school every day so that he or she is prepared to learn.

The links below will help you locate your child’s school, tell you what immunizations and documents you will need to register your child and what supplies your child will need. You’ll also find links to bell schedules, lunch menus, transportation information, student assignment and other important information.

The best source of information, once your child is in school, is always the teacher or the school. If you have questions that can’t be resolved by the teacher or a school administrator, please contact your school’s area learning community (see the link below). Parental involvement in a child’s education is essential for academic success. We urge you to visit your child’s school and teacher regularly and to participate in your child’s educational journey with us.

Have a great school year!