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Welcome to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools site for parents! Whether you are new to Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, or new to the school district, we want to make your child’s start in CMS as successful as possible. This site is designed to help answer your questions about how to prepare your child for success in school.


Our goal at CMS is to educate every child well. We want our students to be locally, nationally and internationally competitive – to achieve as much, or more, than their academic peers across the state, in the U.S. and around the world.


Our schools are diverse and academically rich, with children coming from more than 150 countries. Our curriculum is diverse and rigorous. We offer a wide variety of programs for students of all levels of ability and achievement and we strive to help each child reach further and grow academically every school year.


Helping a child reach full potential is a big job, and we can’t do it all alone. We need your help. Parents are an essential part of a child’s education. Extensive research shows that children whose parents are involved in the education process learn more, and learn faster, than those whose parents are not involved. So we ask all parents to support their children in school, and to make sure children understand that school is important. We also welcome parental involvement in our schools – whether you want to be a mentor, a tutor, an active member of the PTA or an occasional volunteer at a school event.


To help you get started at CMS, please choose the link on the left that describes your child’s academic level. The link will take you to a page that will help you answer specific questions, as well as give you an overview and tips for your child’s success.


Again, welcome to CMS!