Character Development
Character and the Community

Members of the business and faith community can support Character Development in the following ways:

  • Display the CMS character trait poster and/or student’s character related art work.
  • Volunteer to teach a monthly 30-minute character education lesson in a classroom. CMS will provide you with all of the necessary lesson information ahead of time.
  • Support a school’s community service project. For example:
    • Work with a school to build a Habitat for Humanity House.
    • Support fund raising efforts for charities locally and world wide.
    • Assist with collecting, counting, and transporting canned goods to local food pantries.
  • Speak at a school’s monthly character education assembly.
  • Purchase character education books and materials for a school’s media center or provide special rewards or treats as incentives for students demonstrating positive character.
  • Volunteer to mentor, tutor, or be a lunch buddy. Contact 980-343-0221 for more information on volunteering.
  • Include information about the monthly character traits in your company or faith communications. As parents hear the same messages from the school, work or place of worship they may carry them into the home.