The Way Forward 

Since coming to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in July, I have spent my first 100 days listening and learning. I wanted to fully understand our district and how it is viewed by the community. I visited all of our schools, meeting with students, teachers, support staff and principals. I visited all departments of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. I held a series of 13 town hall meetings, inviting participants to tell me what the district does well and what it needs to improve. I also met with hundreds of individuals and small groups.

What emerged from my first 100 days was a very clear consensus among stakeholders that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has many strengths but also needs to change. The residents of Mecklenburg County, and the employees of CMS, do not want a “good” school district – they want a great one.

The Way Forward identifies eight key goals that will help us become a great district. I believe that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is uniquely positioned to move from good to great. There is a strong foundation in place and community-wide understanding of the importance of quality public schools.

This plan builds on those strengths.  How well our students are prepared for post-secondary work directly affects our workforce and our competitive position as a region. Educating our children is important work – too important for us not to do it well. As superintendent of CMS, I look forward to working with everyone in our district to educate every child, every day, for a better tomorrow.