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Full Remote Academy registration (and withdrawals) have been extended through Aug. 3.  Please contact your school directly. Withdrawals after this time will not be permitted until the conclusion of the first semester. Registrations after this time will only be allowed for students newly enrolled after Aug. 3. 

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What exactly does the Full Remote Academy offer?


How do I register my child for the Full Remote Academy?


Will my child still be a part of their currently assigned school?


What will my child’s day look like?


Who will teach my child?

How does the Full Remote Academy compare to other learning models?


How do I know if this is the right fit for my child? (Includes info about EC, ESL, & TD)


Can I return to my home school or choice school if something changes during the year?


Will this be an option in the future?


What does this look like if my child is currently enrolled in a magnet?


 Full Remote Academy-FAQ-Spanish.pdf
Full Remote Academy-FAQ-French.pdf

Full Remote Academy-FAQ-Portuguese.pdf

Full Remote Academy-FAQ-Nepali.pdf

Full Remote Academy-FAQ-Burmese.pdf

What exactly does the Full Remote Academy offer?

  • Students will maintain full access to rigorous and engaging curriculum and instruction from home.

  • The curriculum offered in the Remote Academy is the same curriculum offered to our students who receive instruction in-person.

  • “Remote” versus “Virtual” - Virtual learning can and often does occur at school. By comparison, “Remote” learning will not require students to come to school in order to have access to learning.


How do I register my child for the Full Remote Academy?

  • The registration link is available on the CMS website, and publicized through CMS social media.

  • Registration window opens Friday, July 17, and closes at 11:59 pm on Sunday, July 26.

  • Students must be enrolled in a CMS school before they can complete their registration for the Full Remote Academy.


Will my child still be a part of their currently

assigned school?

  • Yes. Your child will stay assigned to their current school. They will not have to surrender their seat to take advantage of this opportunity.


What will my child’s day look like?

  • Your child will have structured synchronous learning time on a consistent daily schedule, as well as asynchronous activities that can be completed on a schedule that works for your family.

    • Synchronous learning time is live instruction with a teacher. Live instruction with a teacher will make up approximately 30-40% of your child’s day (around 2 hours), and will prioritize relationship building, opportunities for interacting with peers and new learning, and personalized support.

    • Asynchronous learning time will consist of a combination of the elements below and can be completed throughout the day on a schedule that works for your family. These elements will appear for students of all ages in developmentally appropriate ways. Asynchronous learning will make up approximately 60-70% of your child’s day (around 4 hours). Asynchronous learning opportunities will include:

      • Recorded instruction by your child’s teacher or CMS specialists;

      • Assigned activities (either digital or hands-on) to build skills or knowledge or practice and reinforce learning; and

      • Reading (assigned and personal choice reading).


Who will teach my child?

  • In K-8, teachers in the Remote Academy will be committed to that option - your child’s instruction is their chief responsibility. •In most instances, your child’s teacher will be a teacher from their currently assigned school.

  • If only a small number of students from your child’s school/grade, your child may be assigned to a teacher of record who is based at another school. Your child will still be enrolled in their current school - they will just be cross-enrolled to be assigned to their teacher.

  • Your child will always be assigned with a cluster of peers from their current school assignment, except in the rare occurrence if your child is the only student from their grade/school to opt into the Full Remote Option. Do not worry if this arises - your child’s teacher will very intentionally build relationships to make every child feel warmly welcomed and included.


How does the Full Remote Academy compare to other learning models?

  • The Remote Academy is fully aligned to all other district models with content, instruction, and assessment.

  • Will stay remote, while the rest of the district may move between Models A, B, & C.


How do I know if this is the right fit for my child?

  • Consider your family’s health and personal dynamics.

  • What are your child’s needs for social interaction, consistency in the learning environment, tolerance and focus for screen time?

  • This opportunity is available to all students (K-12). The district will ensure tight collaboration between your child’s teacher, academic support, and the Exceptional Children (EC), English as a Second Language (ESL), and Talent Development (TD) teams to ensure all possible supports are in place based on your child’s specific needs. For example:

    A student who receives EC resource services could receive their service time in any or all of the following ways, based on their IEP goals:

    • EC teacher pulling them into small group support for the area(s) identified in their IEP;

    • EC teacher co-teaching synchronous instruction with the general education teacher in order to provide extra support; and

    • EC teacher providing modified or alternate asynchronous instruction (explicit teaching and practice activities) to give your child repeated practice toward their goals.

  • If you are not sure if this is the right fit for you and your child, we recommend you reach out to your child’s current school and ask for input from a previous teacher, counselor, administrator, or other individual who worked closely with your child.


Can my child exit the Remote Academy and return to in-person instruction during the school year if something changes during the year?

  • Yes. Students can transition from the Remote Academy back into an in-person instruction right at their home school or choice school if something changes during the year. Likewise, a student may transition to the Remote Academy from an in-person instruction during the school year as well. Transitions in either direction will be possible mid-year, at the end of the first semester (December 21). Steps will be communicated leading up to that time to help create a smooth transition for students and schools.

  • Instruction will be tightly aligned with the in-person or hybrid model, so your child will be able to smoothly transfer back in with no disruption to learning.

  • At the end of the year, your child will default back into their currently assigned school (whether that is their home school or a school of choice).


Will this be an option in the future?

  • This specific model has been selected based on the knowledge that many families want a remote option due to health concerns. Once the danger of Covid-19 has passed, we are unlikely to offer a “school within a school” remote option. However, our practices over the next year will likely lay the groundwork for a Virtual Magnet that extends to younger grades similar to our current CMS Virtual High School. We will look for input from families and schools over the course of the year, not only to inform our practice in 2020-21 but to fully inform our options moving forward.


What does this look like if my child is currently enrolled in a magnet?

  • Until we gather full information about the students who opt into this model, we cannot commit to delivering a full remote version of each magnet. It is possible if sufficient students enroll from a certain type of magnet that we may be able to deliver remote classes with a Montessori lens, or additional Arts, STEAM, or Language aspects. However, this will be dependent upon student and staff numbers, and you will need to return to the in-person model to fully participate in the magnet.

  • By registering for the Remote Academy, please understand that you forgo some theme-specific experiences for the duration of your participation in the Academy. However, your child’s placement at that Magnet school is protected, and they will default back into their Magnet assignment at the end of the year if you do not exit sooner.

  • When the magnet process opens for the 2021-22 school year you will have full access to all CMS magnet options as you would from any other school.

  • We understand that there are certain programs - primarily language programs - that require students to maintain a level of practice and exposure. We will work with the Office of Magnet Programs and School Choice as well as your child’s school to ensure that these needs are provided.

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