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Metrics Dashboard

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is determined to provide our stakeholders with accurate COVID-19 case data. In addition, we will maintain the confidentiality of our teachers, students, and staff members, in line with FERPA guidelines.

Our data may differ from the Mecklenburg County Public Health report due to a number of factors, such as teachers, students and staff residing outside of Mecklenburg County. Please be advised that our data will fluctuate as cases are added and removed from the dashboard.  

Our key area of focus continues to be the health, safety, and well-being of our students, employees, and our community. Families and staff will be notified when a confirmed positive COVID-19 case occurs at their school. Close contacts will get additional notification if their child has been in close contact with someone who tests positive for the COVID-19 virus. For more information about the district’s health and safety protocols, (click here).

COVID-19 Cases At a Glance

This dashboard includes positive test data from both the county and families who self-report, and that information is cross-referenced. The county does not report to CMS instances when a CMS student tests positive if the student has not been attending school in-person for 14 days prior to testing positive, because there is not a risk of transmission in the school setting. The dashboard also does not include reporting on students who are enrolled in Virtual Elementary, Virtual Middle or Virtual High Schools. Therefore, the number of positive cases reported should not be interpreted to represent the actual number of CMS students who have tested positive.

Quick Glance Data Graphic_11.20_11.29.21.png

Weekly CMS Readiness Dashboard Report

The metrics dashboard aims to provide a general framework for monitoring community, district, and school level metrics. 

The numbers and percentages listed in the dashboard are only intended to provide general guidelines and may vary based on multiple factors, including additional community-level metrics, the current number of schools at which in-person learning is occurring, the current number of individuals attending in-person at a specific school, and the results of public health case investigation and contact tracing processes. 

The dashboard may be updated due to new guidance, current operational status of CMS, and/or other considerations.

The data in the dashboard reflects or is benchmarked against readiness for the current phase of in-person instruction.

CMS Readiness Dashboard_11.29.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_11.19.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_11.12.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_11.05.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_10.29.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_10.22.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_10.15.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_10.08.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_10.01.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_09.24.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_09.17.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_09.10.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_09.03.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_08.27.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_08.20.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_08.13.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_08.06.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_07.30.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_07.23.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_07.16.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_07.09.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_07.02.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_06.25.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_06.18.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_06.11.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_06.04.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_05.28.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_05.21.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_05.14.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_05.07.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_04.30.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_04.23.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_04.16.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_04.09.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_03.26.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_03.19.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_03.12.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_03.05.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_02.26.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_02.19.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_02.12.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_02.05.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_01.29.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_01.22.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_01.15.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_01.08.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_01.03.21.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_12.18.20.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_12.11.20.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_12.04.20.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_11.24.20.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_11.20.20.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_11.13.20.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_11.06.20.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_10.30.20.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_10.23.20.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_10.16.20.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_10.09.20.pdf

CMS Readiness Dashboard_10.02.20.pdf

Weekly CMS Covid-19 Breakdown Report

The data reflected in this report assess weekly counts of confirmed cases associated with students learning in-person in EC, Pre-K and K-5 schools, and all staff including other district sites. We work very closely with Mecklenburg County Public Health Department and follow the Communicable Diseases Reporting requirements.

Covid Breakdown Report_11.29.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_11.19.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_11.12.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_11.05.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_10.29.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_10.22.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_10.15.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_10.08.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_10.01.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_09.24.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_09.17.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_09.10.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_09.03.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_08.27.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_05.28.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_05.21.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_05.14.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_05.07.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_04.30.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_04.23.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_04.16.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_04.09.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_03.26.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_03.19.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_03.12.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_03.05.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_02.26.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_02.19.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_02.12.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_02.05.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_01.29.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_01.22.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_01.15.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_01.08.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_01.03.21.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_12.18.20.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_12.11.20.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_12.04.20.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_11.24.20.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_11.20.20.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_11.13.20.pdf

Covid Breakdown Report_11.06.20.pdf

School Checklist for Reopening and Safety

CMS used this detailed checklist as part of our process to assess readiness for all of our 177 school facilities.

School Checklist for Reopening and Safety - Google Forms.pdf

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