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5/24/2017Boundary and Feeder Pattern Changes Approved at Board MeetingHome School BoundariesNo
4/26/2017Meetings in Communities with Boundary Change Proposals - May 1 to May 22. Home School Boundaries, Community EngagementNo
4/26/2017Facebook Live Q&A with Superintendent Clark about Phase II Student AssignmentHome School Boundaries, Community EngagementNo
4/25/2017Board Meeting: Present Boundary and Feeder Pattern RecommendationsHome School BoundariesNo
4/20/2017Community Meeting: New Language Immersion PK-8 /Albemarle Rd. Elementary and Middle relief Home School Boundaries, Community EngagementNo
4/6/2017Board Meeting: Reassignment and Transfer Policy, Home School BoundariesNo
3/28/2017Board Meeting: Transfer Policy, PreK-8 Options, and Boundary CriteriaHome School BoundariesNo
3/14/2017Board Meeting: PreK-8 Update & Policy on Reassignments and TransfersHome School BoundariesNo
2/28/2017Board Meeting: Prek-8 Non Magnet School DiscussionHome School BoundariesNo
2/17/2017Board Meeting: Update on Community Engagement Sessions to Inform CriteriaHome School BoundariesNo
1/24/2017Board Meeting: Working Session on Student Assignment Review Phase IIHome School BoundariesNo
1/10/2017Board Meeting: Review Timeline for Phase II of the Student Assignment ReviewHome School Boundaries
1/6/2017First School Options Lottery Opens Using Revised CriteriaAccess to School Options and Magnet Programs
1/4/2017Phase II BeginsHome School Boundaries
11/9/2016Public Hearing and Vote on Interim Changes to Student Assignment Plan and PoliciesAccess to School Options and Magnet Programs, Community Engagement
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